Friday, May 29

Three steps to help

Théophile is my nephew. He's 9 year old. He's a cool little guy, fond of his many hippos. When he was 5, Théophile was intensively treated for leukemia and mostly recovered. End of April '09, we learnt that his leukemia was back and he started a second treatment.

Of course every case is different and Théophile is well taken care of in France at 'Hopital Trousseau', a pediatric hospital in Paris. It so far involves chemotherapy and radiology.

Still his case is not isolated. You certainly know people in your family or relatives who are going through similar struggles. If you want to help such kids in their treatment against leukemia, here is an effective and easy way in just three steps

1. Get informed about leukemia and bone marrow donation
The challenge is the following: in some cases to cure leukemia, you need to transplant some bone marrow. Yet matching bone marrow are very rare and therefore the more people are registered for potential donors, the greater are the chances to find a matching donor.

More info:
* Leukemia on Wikipedia
* US registry: National Marrow Donor Program
* France registry: Le don de moelle osseuse

2. Make a financial contribution
As it costs around $100 to perform the blood analysis and enroll one person in the registry, your financial contribution can help growing the national registry.

3. Become a potential Bone Marrow Donor
By enrolling to your national registry, you will be among the many people who have already committed and one day, you may be contacted by a doctor if your bone marrow is compatible.

Registering is a great commitment that can lead to give you the chance to save a life !

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