Saturday, May 30

Schedule & route

My departure is planned for Monday June 8th. My bike and trailer are almost ready.

With GoogleMaps, I have drafted my route to San Francisco: from New York directly towards the west (and not towards Niagara Falls as initially planned), New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio... along Erie lake, keep going west little rider... Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon... make a left... California.

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Three months is 90 days. There are 5,000 km (3,100 mi) end to end. So, considering that I should not ride once a week, that's an average of 65 km (40 mi) per day.

More info:
* Actual - Detailed route & statistics
* Adventure Cycling Association
* Climate maps


  1. I love the tiny little red tent right in the middle of the fire department's field.

  2. What a delight to meet you at the Most Unlikely Place, Lewellen, Nebraska. We are enjoying the ability to keep track of you via your blog. We are thrilled to know you stopped at the Mark Farrari coffee house in Oshkosh and then again at one of our favorite eateries, The Emporium! Out best to you
    Bob and Delinda Neville

  3. That's an amazing feat. Just curious why you chose to go via Oregon and not NV over the Sierra Pass near Lake Tahoe.


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