Thursday, May 28

Riding for bone marrow donation

The world has changed but our ambitions remain the same: live a better life. The frontier we are after today involves better living together. Did you know for instance that somewhere in Europe or in the rest of the world, someone can be about to save the life of a little American?

In 2005 when my nephew Théophile went thru his first leukemia, I got interested in bone marrow donation. Leukemia is a blood disease. One way to cure it lays in bone marrow transplantation. Yet the probability that a donor is compatible with a patient is so tiny that a huge number of potential donors is required. Therefore countries are helping each other to increase the number of potential donors: according to the World Marrow Donor Association, "over one-third of patients transplanted with hematopoietic progenitor cells from an unrelated donor receives their cells from a donor in another country".

I therefore decided to take the opportunity of this road trip to promote this effort that concerns us all, whether we are from the West or from the East, the North or the South: registering for bone marrow donation.

More info:
* Three steps to help
* Report about bone marrow transplantation

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