Saturday, May 30

The rider and his folks

The rider
* Nicolas, European (species: French), 41, engineer (he knows how to change a tube), in love with his kine therapist.
* Bike: bought more than 10 years ago, a mountain bike with road tires, no sophisticated technology, still looks great in my eyes
* Trailer: BOB Yak, brand new, the dream of a kid

Yet a rider is nothing without the support of his folks

Route strategist: Alexandre
As my personal "Nicolas Bouvier", Alexandre is not only slightly Swiss, a world traveler and a great writer (he also translates this blog to French!!); he has a strong experience in eXtreme physical events such as Le Marathon des Sables.

Kine therapist: Claire
The mechanic of the rider, whether for his body or for his soul, Claire is also my muse and my home.

Sophrologist: Laurent
This adventure would not look like a real achievement if I did not have my personal sophrologist to assist me in developing a good combination between my mind and my body. Wherever I am, Laurent often calls me a good joke. That will be my sort of laugh yoga !

Survival guru: Rachel
Rachel grew in LA and now leaves in NYC where I met her. Thanks to her, I managed to survive the jungle of NYC. She also tough me many tricks to survive in the mid-west... I wonder sometimes if she's ever been there?

Last yet not least, my mascot: Théophile
He is the son of my sister Pascale and I wish that each kilometer I will ride is like a "Go Théophile Go ! " for him.

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  1. Wawawaw! I'm debarquing!
    Wanted to chat u on Googletalk, see this link to this blog, and here I am, learning that u're already in the US and on the point to cross that whole country-continent. Great! Great! Great! U got balls and creativity, bravo!

    Actually, last time we spoke, NY was still just a plan. I couldn't get what u were really gonna do. And now, I see u had actually left to NY. What for? Adventure? Job? Love? All of that?

    I see u got a muse now, that's great, really happy for u. For both of u actually -she's lucky.

    Is she gonna ride with u or are u gonna ride on ur own?

    Thinking back of Newropeans -u know, decisive elections in Europe on Sunday- that are actually a very demagogic party. U missed nothing with leaving Europe.

    Anyway, good luck with ur trip. Fulfill urself with everything. Report with the accuracy and ironic look u can have. And we'll drink ur words.




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