Sunday, August 2

Make a left

Remember the way? It's straight to the west and when you get to Oregon, you make a left to head south to San Francisco. That was this week in Riley. Don't miss the crossroad: there's just a store and a little post office across.

Even though I still have 329 mi / 530 km to go, it looks like I am getting closer:

The bike, the trailer and the rider are doing well; and we have friends now riding with us:


  1. Welcome to your new friends. I feel you should buy a yellow jersey . So ,with your trailer , you will look like a team !...


  2. Almost there, dude! Keep on peddling.


  3. Nicolas,

    Congrats on making it across the country. Just found the notebook where you wrote out your information. I'm the cycling minister on the recumbent that you met in Ohio.
    The remaining miles to San Francisco will go fast. I will have to go back and read your blog entries.

    I am still on my trip. I am in South Central Kansas dealing with 100+ temperatures and heading to Little Rock, Arkansas.

    Take care,

    Rev Hans


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