Wednesday, August 5

Story telling

Breakfast is one of the best moment of the day: pancakes, sausage, eggs & coffee taste great before a good ride. We share our stories with the waitress and some retired old men that hang here every morning.

We had to head up early today as we wanted to be in Sacramento tonight, some 85 miles away from Chico. Some relatives of Gerry were to host us tonight and we had to make it in time. And we made it a little after 07:00pm, despite the heavy traffic on the second half of Hwy 99, the strong south wind during the whole day, the dust and drought... and two flat tires.

And our effort are rewarded by great hospitality at Donna & Dan's in South Sacramento! Great diner, great company and talks! Gerry loves to tell his stories, especially the hassle he had with Apple in Des Moines IA to tease Dan that has been working there since '92.

Showers, a bit of laundry, we should be in great shape to hit the road tomorrow again. Thanks a lot to Donna & Dan for hosting me, not to forget their dog Max.

Note: today I also breached 6,000 km ridden since I left NYC.


  1. Hi Nicholas,
    I am so happy that you and Gerry are riding together to complete your individual amazing journeys! I am touched by your bone marrow cause in support of Theophile and all who need bone marrow. I have always wanted to sign up and will do so today! I wish I could be at the end of the Golden Gate Bridge when both you and Gerry cross it in triumphant style. I hope that we will meet sometime during the week when I fly out there. Until then, God bless your remaining days of this incredible journey! Nancy LaPlante

  2. It is a great change,these last days with a heavy traffic.You should miss the lonely tracks!...
    And once more you could appreciate the hospitality of American People ...


  3. The trip smell the fir tree ;-)
    This is (almost ) the End
    Shame I and Sara won't be in SF to shout (bravo) and dance, and hug u.
    Ca doit etre facile maintenant, tu viens du nord, tu vas au sud donc ça descend, non !!?? (la route et droite et la pente est raide)

  4. Coucou Nico,
    Es tu bien sûr de vouloir conclure à SF ? Avec Freddy , on ne s'en lasse pas nous de cette traversée héroïque. Il parait que les Français partiront peu à l'étranger cet été mais grâce à toi, nous aurons au contraire beaucoup voyagé.
    Je m'inquiète quand même un peu à cause de tous ces pancakes & sausages avalés ;-) que tu sembles apprécier au plus haut point et je te prie de bien vouloir programmer dans ton agenda de rentrée un dîner "à la française" à la maison. Non mais !! ....

    Bisous & bonne route

  5. @ Nancy: see you soon!
    @ Sara: je dois reconnaitre que je mange vraiment n'importe quoi et José Bové doit se retourner dans sa tombe... 'politique' j'entends!


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