Monday, August 10

Teaming up with Gerry

Riding this last week with Gerry has really been great. First as from a biking prospective, roads in California are rough and it felt safer riding them together. We also managed to alternate riding in front to get us going into the South wind that blew quite a bit along our way south in California.

But most importantly because I had a great time with Gerry, his friends and family: Donna & Dan in Sacramento, Julio & Tracy in Discovery Bay, John here in San Francisco. Many thanks to Gerry and all of his relatives.

And yesterday, we crossed the bridge we had been riding towards for exactly 9 weeks (63 days for me / 62 days for Gerry).

What a nice way for a bearded hermit to get back in touch with civilization!

Here is an overview on the map of this last week and overall trip:

In summary and few figures:
- 9 weeks exactly to go from New York City to San Francisco (e.g. 63 days including rest days)
- exactly 6,500 km ridden, e.g. 4,040 miles
- 334 hours and 29 minutes on the bike
- average day stage: 103 km
- 25 flat tires
- 3 new tires
- over than 2,300 pictures taken
- population of the smallest town in which I stayed: 2
- number of States in which I rode: 12
- countless memories

The bike, the trailer and the biker feel great and they will have to carry on riding a little in the next days or weeks as it is very important not to stop at once. That's a good opportunity to visit San Francisco and its surroundings.

Thank you to everyone who supported me along this trip and indirectly supported Theophile along his other path. He still has some steps to get through but we all wish 'beaucoup de courage'.

Gros bisous à ma mascotte, Théophile.


  1. Once more , my best congratulations : you made it!
    Now you have to come back to the civilized world... Maybe , it will be hard !

    We are impatient to see you back and give us a lot of commentaries on your trip , the country , the people you met , the numerous pictures , etc...

    Meanwhile , have a nice stay in California !

  2. Yay! Bravo Nico!!

  3. Once again, many congrats! What an accomplishment!


  4. Félicitations! Vous avez fait!! Je suis vraiment heureux pour vous. Je suis vraiment heureux que je vous ai rencontré dans l'Ohio, et j'ai été un peu partie de votre voyage à travers l'Amérique. Je vous envoie des prières pour le ciel Théophile. Ecrire à vous de l'Est de l'Oklahoma. Votre ami ministre.

  5. Félicitations !
    bravo, de la part de Marie et Thibaud
    gros bisous.

  6. Bravo !!

    Tu l'as fait !! ne faut jamais oublier les projets que l'on fait quand on est jeune et insouciant !

  7. Nico
    veni vidi vici
    I know it was not a fight but for sure it was a very hard challenge. And you did it.
    Clap clap - Respect
    Now, we are waiting for you. in France. in Paris.
    We miss you
    by the way, some important information are missing.
    - your weight in NY, in SF
    - the date of your return

    Hope to see you some old fellow
    Pierre L

  8. Congratulations from everyone in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, and the Staff of the Emporium. We really enjoyed following you via your blog. Thanks for the card. Bravo!! Ron Schluter


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