Saturday, August 1

Coincidence, again!

As I was riding out of Jackson, I had met with Jerry who was taking a break from his ride to San Francisco. We had talked for half an hour and had been thinking that we may meet again.

Today, I had settled my base camp in Wagon Wheel Motel for my day off. As I was riding off the motel, I come across with a long distance cyclist, all equiped in yellow. I turn back; so does he... that's Gerry just passing by in Alturas on his way to Canby.

"Hey!". We talked, exchanged ideas on how we wanted to get to San Francisco: we at least agreed that we wanted to avoid fancy ways... and just get there now. We decided to ride together the next days, an innovation for me. I am his third riding partner on his trip.


  1. Indeed these States are a small world !


  2. Au lieu de 2 filles , tu as trouvé un autre cycliste fou ... ca devait être des mirages pour te faire accélerer ;-)
    Bonne route à tous les deux !

  3. That's quite a beard you've grown!



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