Friday, June 12

Dam(ned) it!

Road 192 runs smoothly in some kind of a valley that leads almost to State College, the town where the Pennsylvania State University was settled in 1855. And this morning, past one shower, the sun came out and it was a fine pleasure to let the bike go its way along this road that even got less busy after Center Hall.

Yet something somewhat went wrong when getting to State College. My front tire seemed to have a new leak and I had a hard time stopping while ridding a steep downhill on a quite busy road. Pum-up to make it go a little further. Heading then to Philipsburg, I could not find better way than road 322 which turns into a busy expressway for several miles. It is not formally forbidden to bikes; yet it's a lot less enjoyable to ride on the side of the road with cars passing by.

After fixing my tire at a gas station and exiting Philipsburg, I mistook a road and I was back in Philipsburg... Damned it !

I decided to ask my way to a family standing in front of their house. Tim and Judy where very helpful to explain me the way to Curwensville. As we talked a little, Tim got quite excited when he learnt that I was ridding to San Francisco: he offered me to have a word of prayer to wish me a safe trip; which we had with his wife on the side of the road.

Back on the road: up the hill, find the barn, then the church, make a left... no this is wrong come back... there is the road to Curwensville and its dam where the camp site is located.

Just 12 miles to go, it shouldn't be long now to get to the dam. But in Curwensville I took the wrong side of the lake that avoids the dam. Damned it!

Eventually the proper way offers a pretty steep hill to climb up and down into the recreation area; I still can't find the camp site. Did I miss a road on the right? Damned dam!

More info:
* Philipsburg seemed a depressed city
* Curwensville

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  1. I came across your blog and thought "Cool, this will be neat to see all the pictures taken as your trip continues" then when I realized you are going by a BIKE! Now I have to remember to return to watch your progress!

    Safe travels


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