Tuesday, June 9

Lost in transportation

Lesson #1: A road atlas is not detailed enought to get your way without the highways.

I will have to buy a map for each state as I get along my trip. Therefore I was a little lost around Newark. I asked my way few times, also went in some wrong paths; it therefore made my way longer than it should have been, may be 20 more km.

As I stopped nearby a Fire Department, looking at my map for few minutes, a firewoman came out to help me. She's nice and enthousiastic. Her name is Tony and she has ridden across the US with her motocycle, in 6 days. She said that she took her time and enjoyed. So she puts me back on my way, "it's gonna be hilly".

That's right: as I move in-land, the road starts to go up and down, as I cross the green countryside of New Jersey. Little houses, some of which look like farms; forest, small prairies, on this sunny day, I now value the rain we had for so many weeks.

Lesson #2: When a rather sophisticated woman driving a powerfull SUV tells you "it's pretty hilly ahead", it is !

Lost again again, at a crossroad, I ask this lady. She shows me the way to Hackettstown. But right, after riding 90 km, it is hilly !

More info:
* Went thru Morristown
* Stayed at Stephen State Park

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  1. Bravo pour le départ, je vois que tu commences à faire qq détours pour admirer le paysage ??...

    Bonne route.



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