Thursday, June 25

Interstate 80

Another one that runs from New York (almost, it starts 4 miles away in New Jersey) to San Francisco. I have so far been traveling along I-80, yet not on it as "non motorized vehicles are not allowed".

Tonight, I was discussing with Tim my expected itinerary thru the next states and especially the Rockies. Tim is a former truck driver, with a good load of experience of the road. The "great salt flat" west of Salt Lake City is not a good idea to ride thru. Even with a truck, he would be especially careful in case in gets a flat tire. Tim is also projecting a long bike ride. It could have been this year; may be next year.

Though Interstate 80 runs thru the salt desert and I know that our routes will most probably split as we get further west. By the way, we met and crossed today for the first time.

More info:
* Interstate 80
* Great Salt Lake Desert

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