Monday, June 8

For the anonymous truck driver

Getting out of the industrial area of Jersey City is not that easy when you just ride a bike. You have to take two iron bridges with no sidewalk or bike lane and the flow of cars and trucks is a little heavy this monday morning.

The first bridge has three lanes so it works out pretty well as cars and trucks leave the right lane and use the 2 others. Yet the next one is just 2 lanes and I am a little worried to see so many vehicles coming along. Behind me there's this big white truck. I can see him in my side mirror. Hum... And I notice that the driver is not trying to come over me. On the contrary, he has turned on his warnings and drives at my speed, protecting me from the flow. So cool !

When I exit the bridge, I make a right on the first exit. So does he. We get to a traffic light and I wave at him to thank him. He's a big black guy, my then guardian angel on that road. Many thanks to him.

More info:
* Two bridges to cross the water

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