Tuesday, June 9

I found my way in Nazareth

Of course I could as well have been to Bethelhem,

but I chose to head for Nazareth as I felt that I could find there a mean to communicate with beyond (the Atlantic obviously). And at Nazareth, this nice Café Deli had free wifi.

If you should juge a place by visiting its bathroom, no dout that it ranks #1 in the vicinity; and the food is good; and the wifi is free; and the people are helpful.

I was then heading for Tamaqua; still a long way from Nazareth where I had stopped to grab a sandwitch. As I was talking with the owner on the best way to head for Bath, he suggested me to rather go to Jim Thorpe. It was a little shorter distance and I was getting late. And the place was more interesting to visit. And when I arrived in Jim thorpe, I was happy to have followed this local advice.

More info
* Copiers Inc. Café Internet Deli, Ph: (610) 365 8459
* Pennsylvania: The Keystone State
* Jim Thorpe PA, the coal mine city, or one of in the area

Personal note to the owner of the place:
* I forgot to take a picture of you and your place; if you send it to me at nicointheus (at) gmail.com, I will publish it (400 x 300 minimum)

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