Thursday, June 18

Strawberry fields forever

And not just strawberries, corn and wheat as well.

After few days in Ohio, it gets pretty obvious that the road is flatter and straighter. A quick look at a map shows how suddenly the roads get orientated east to west, north to south, as you cross the border from Pennsylvania to Ohio. As the land gets flatter, the fields get bigger and so do the farms, to the extent that the most modern ones may slightly look like a chemistry plant.

This little house along the road told me that the west wind can be pretty strong.

The weather forecast is talking of hail storm for tonight. Yet the end of the afternoon has been sunny and the sky has cleared. But "everything is possible, we're in Ohio!"...

I guess this is just an invitation to even wider spaces (wilder?),
"Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to
Strawberry Fields..."


  1. And , in Middle-West you can have a landscape of wheat and corn , than corn and wheat , for several days !...
    Why not ride a little norther , maybe more interesting ?
    Be careful with the storms


  2. Belle perf pour l'appel du 18 juin, c'est ta meilleure moyenne, motivé ou vent dans le dos ?!

    Bonne route


  3. If your route eventually takes you to Idaho, you'll see miles of potatos!



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