Wednesday, June 17

Think positive

Rain is good for the green fields of Ohio.

Still it rained quite a bit today which gave me the opportunity to try some of the equipment I had plan to cope with rain. The outcome is
1. Wet,
2. Eventually, the solution remains the pancho, not techy but efficient.

This mmorning, the weather forecast was about rain for the coming days in Ohio. Just like sailing, you need to handle the weather as part of your trip. There is no storm that lasts forever; but half an hour is already long considering the quantity of water you can get here on your head.

At a local level, storms can be quite sudden. The sun may break thru the clouds but it may still be pouring with rain. It may stop suddenly for 20 seconds and start again. Weird!

When I arrived at Country Stage Campground, I was welcome and invited by a nice bunch of campers to have diner with them. Richard and his wife were giving their annual diner there: a Thanksgiving kind of diner in June with plenty carbohydrate to better ride in the rain tomorrow.

More info:
* Country Stage Campground, Rd. 1031, Nova OH


  1. Very diverse experiences : Youngstown dead city, the riding preacher , then the rain and the warm welcome at Country Stage Campground ... and it is only the beggining !
    I hope you better weather and "bonne route"


  2. Hi Nicolas,

    Just read through all your posts. You're just like Neil Peart of Rush. Oh how I envy and admire you!
    Keep peddling away my friend.

    "From the point of igmition
    To the final drive
    The point of the journey
    Is not to arrive

    Anything can happen..."
    From the song Prime Mover, by Rush



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