Sunday, June 14

Scary figures along the road

Last Wednesday, that one almost scared me...

Yet today I've been looking at other figures: this is exactly the 7th days that my ride towards San Francisco has started and I took this Sunday off (biking) to reconcile some facts (and to rest).

I have ridden more than 700 km (440 mi) in a week; yet when I compare it to the distance I should have ridden according to Google Maps (544 km / 340 mi / option: 'walking'), it looks like I have ridden roughly 150 km (90 mi) that are not "west efficient". Hum, scary figures?

In other words, I estimated to 5,100 km my trip from NYC to San Francisco. If I apply this first experience, it would rather take me 6,700 km. Hum, hum...?

Let's think of that while I do my laundry.

Of course, I got lost a few times. And there's the distance to go and get back from the place where I camp (15 km today, one way!).

Yet a closer analysis day by day outlines that the back roads prove to be inefficient in my progression towards the west.

Hum... I guess you're right Jim:
"There is unrest in the forest
There is trouble with the trees"

(from 'The Trees', The Rush)

More info:
* BicyclePA: roads nice to ride and indicated along the way. I took road V but I can't manage to get hold of this PDF map (their ftp thing seems weird...)


  1. Ok pour le nettoyage des fringues et pour le cycliste ?!
    Très bonne idée pour la carte.



  2. En effet , selon mes sovenirs en Floride , il y a souvent des routes (nouvelles ?) qui ne figurent pas sur les cartes , et c'est piégeant!
    Je continue à suivre sur Googlemap, depuis State College, Philipsburg (bons ouvenir),Curvensville ,Kittaning , mais il faudrait des indications plus fréquentes sur les villages traversés , les villes proches , et , quand c'est possible , sur l'itinéraire projeté , car , avec le blog on a forcément 2/3 jours de retard
    Bonne route !

  3. Hello, the link does not work. Can you send this map if it is possible. Thank you.

  4. Hello, the link does not work. Can you send this map if it is possible. Thank you.


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