Monday, June 22

Our daily breakfast

As I ride quite a bit, an ideal start of the day is to ride around 20 km and stop for a good breakfast in a place where I could get a 'Lumber Jack'. That's at least how they call it New York but I've seen it also called 'Big B'. Essentially it's few pancakes, the big thick american ones with maple syrup, sausage, eggs and you can add coffee and orange juice.

Unfortunately, I don't get to find it each and every morning as I had it this morning. I stopped in Silver Lake and at the crossroad was that good place "Kieffer's Iron Skillet".

Some local people have their breakfast there; have a talk before heading to work. And it tastes the good old food of the countryside, where the pancake are twice as wide and thick as what you would get in New York.

At the end of each table, against the wall, there's a little wooden case with a booklet: on the cover, it reads "Our daily bread". I pick one and open it. Each day has a page so I open it on June 22nd and read:

"Versailles was made the capital of France by Louis XIV in 1682 and remained the capital (except for a short time) until 1789 when it was moved back to Paris. [...]"

Oh you were expecting me here today; I guess we had to meet. It carries on explaining how Louis XIV was difficult to access whereas God invites His people openly to come to his throne.

No direct information about the church issuing the booklet. Yet the coincidence was amusing enough for me to take this little "daily bread" booklet with me on my journey.

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