Thursday, June 11

Encounters in Lewisburg

As I was going thru Lewisburg, I saw this bike shop and stopped to get a new spare tube. I also wanted to check for break pads; although I don't really need new ones now, it's not necessarily easy to find the right shape and quality that won't melt on the wheel when you break hard, with the trailer and it' already warm outside.

The shop keeper goes thru a bunch of boxes and mostly come across with used pads. He gives them to me:
- Keep them in case, they may help you.

As I come out, the guy next door looks at my trailer and we start to talk; trip, bikes, trailer... He welcomes me in his shop and offers me a drink
- No just get it, it's for your cause.

His name is Chris. We talk about Bone Marrow Donation. He tells me about growing his hair and cutting them from time to time to make wigs for those people going thru cancer treatment. That's his cause.

More info:
* Corner Pizza & Deli, 225 Market street Lewisburg PA17837 (570) 524 2158
* Lewisburg

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