Wednesday, June 10

Ho Butt !!

This is the local way to say "hey buddy !!"; the red neck way as I was told.

As I was ridding along Susquehanna river towards Danville, looking around for a campground, I found a very welcoming place in Jeff's garden to throw my tent; and he even offered me to take a shower!

His friend Jerry is here as well. They're both big fans of jetskis and work on one of them, fixing the engine. They buy a jetski there, some parts over there, fix them, ride them on the river, sell them back. It could almost be a business.

They told me about "red neck" type of people as they call themselves, a modernized type from the north: laid back, easy going, like to fish and hunt a little in the woods; they enjoy drinking bears while listening to country music, living in the countryside. If I got it right, further into the woods than "red neck" is called "hilly belly".

We spent our time in the garage around mechanical parts. They showed me this hydrogen generator that they have plugged onto their car engine. It's saving gas by half according to their own experiment: and it feels so good to beat the system and the big oil companies!

Many thanks to their "red neck" hospitality !!

More about country as recommended by Jeff & Jerry:
* Don't take the girl by Tim McGraw
* Old red by Blake Shelton

Note: this post was written while seating on a quad in Jeff's garage and talking to Jerry and Jeff. Very cool guys!!

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