Saturday, June 27

A day off (the bike)

Yet I had to work a little on my bike: a leak yesterday (which made me realize that one of the spare tube I had did not fit my tire), my rear tire ruined last Tuesday... I had to find some parts in Iowa City. And the town is quite pleasant to walk thru.

Despite many towns I have been thru, downtown is quite lively, thanks to its University and student population. You can find squares or streets with people walking along, 'caf├ęs' the way the French like them, and bars of course!

How about this beer I had never heard of? Fat Tire. On their website, they offer to trade your car against a bicycle!

1 comment:

  1. So you have to be not only a biker but also a mechanics !
    Did you succeed to fix everything on your bike before resuming your trip ?



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