Thursday, June 11

In the very middle of Pennsylvania

I just crossed the middle of my map where it folds; and looking north and south, I am in the very middle of this almost rectangle state. Few miles before I got to Rebersburg, I saw this sign and came across with a little kid heading back from town on a little trailer pulled by a poney.

In Rebersburg, the lady who keeps the grocery store lives in Lavonia, a village I went thru right before the middle of the map. She tells me about these three girls she just had for lunch an hour ago. They are students and they also ride bicycle from NYC to San Francisco. It 's a highway of bicycle here!

Still these girls dropped the opportunity to spend the night by a remote cabin that Louis J. Peachey, an Amish entrepreneur, has few away from the town. He runs a quite big factory that manufactures wood pallets and I meet him in his office. We talk. He draws me a map; explains me the way to his cabin.

There's a lot going on here! On the way, I come across with the setup of a consignment auction to take place on Saturday. Quilts, crafts, oak & pine furniture, tack building supplies, trees, shrubs & other nursery items, lawn furniture... everything is to be auctioned for the benefit of hospital bills.

I park my bike against a house, next to a window. Sara is cleaning it, getting the room setup. She tells me more about the auction.
- I was told that Amish food is very good and I should test it. Where can I find any?
- We'll be serving food here in this room on saturday
- Sure, but I'm travelling and I'll be gone by then. Any shop or restaurant ahead of this road?
- Don't know... here, we'll be serving pizza, burgers and french fries...

More info:
* Centre Pallets LLC, Louis J. Peachey, 118 Pallet Dr Rebersburg PA 16872 (814) 349 8693
* Amish in Pennsylvannia

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  1. J'ai tiré une carte du nord de la Pennsylvanie sur Googlemap et je te suis depuis Nazareth , Danville et Lewisburg. Par contre je n'ai pas trouvé Rebersburg (ce n'est peut-être pas une grande métropole!?). Je suppose que tu vas maintenant aller vers le nord: Blossburg , Mansfield , Corning ?
    Avec toutes tes rencontres tu auras un carnet d'adresse si épais que tu ne pourras pas le rentrer dans tes affaires !
    Cela dit , bravo , et bon courage pour la suite! J'espère que tu prends le temps d'aller voir le blog de Théo. J'ai fait une permanence aujourd'hui: il est très fatigué et triste !



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