Sunday, June 28

Nico is back on the bike

Lance, are you really?

Hey Lance! It's my third week on the bike and I did not see you so far. In several bike shops, I saw this little sign though. I guess you are getting ready for this ride in that little remote country whereas the real adventure is here!

Lesson #4: don't push too hard, take your time
After three weeks biking, I start to build some experience on a longer distance ride. Over a few days, it is fairly easy to push yourself a little harder; but at the beginning of this week, I started to feel concerned with a pain I had behind my right knee. By adapting my way to pedal (softer, spinning more), drinking a lot, I think I managed it so far. Although I have ridden along 6 states ans more than 1,200 mi (2,000 km), I am just 32% done and still have to ride thru 6 states.

Tonight I stay in Amana, an Amish colony just west from Iowa City in Iowa. This ends my progression for this week:

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  1. Oui il faut ménager la monture et le cycliste... car au milieu des rocheuses avec mal au genou , ce ne sera pas agréable.. en tout cas, belle progression déjà, nous suivons nous aussi tous les jours et vraiment c'est génial, une sacré performance bravo ..PPAGT


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