Monday, June 29

Gone with the wind

Or rather against the wind: I left Amana this morning, with a slight west wind that got stronger and stronger as I rode thru the morning.

Amana was established as a colony around 1850 and it gathers today 7 Amish villages. Yet, whereas some Amish people make very little use of technologies such as car, sometimes electricity... and dress in a traditional way, the Amana Colonies look rather like a traditional village of Europe, with some old houses in the center and regular houses the back streets.

You can even drink a very decent coffee and browse Internet thanks to their wifi connection. On the week-end, it gets a little touristy. It's a good purpose for a bike ride from Iowa City, especially if you can take advantage of the west wind to come back.

Yet for the little girl I know that would enjoy dressing like a traditional Amish, you'll have to find another Amish settlement.

More info:
* Amana colonies

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