Saturday, June 13

Routing strategy thru Pennsylvania

Lessons #3: back roads are too winding and their maps are too uncertain to be biking efficient

For sure, ridding back roads is more enjoyable as there are fewer cars and they allow to have nice views on the countryside of Pennsylvania. Moreover they offer the proof that McDonalds and Starbucks have not yet reached every corner of that country. Neither Internet, nor wireless phones, as people often argue it there.

Yet at the same time, they are difficult to rely on as they are cut by numbers of smaller roads; their name or their direction change whereas it doesn't really show on the map.

In other words, I got lost once again and I even felt that I couldn't get out of a maze where roads were winding in every directions and people were difficult to understand.

Anyhow, Pennsylvania network of roads seems to have been designed in a very European and old fashioned way. I try to think how difficult it must have been then, when the pioneers first travelled thru Pennsylvania, thru the woods, the hills, crossing creeks and rivers.

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