Tuesday, July 21

Adopt a highway

You find it all over the US roads, at least those I have been riding so far:

And it was some kind of a mystery for the French that I am. Sure, today between Idaho Falls and Arco, there was just a long lonely highway of 66 mi (106 km), bushes and three 'buttes' as they are called.

And it's not this so called "lost river" that could help the highway feel a little less lonely. Anyhow, the Idaho Transportation Department has developed a volunteer program for groups or organisations to 'adopt' a 2 mile section of highway. By 'adopting' it is meant that the volunteers will clean their corresponding section of highway; and get their name on a sign.

All kinds of organizations adopt it to serve their community: churches, boy scouts, employees of a company, individuals... You can also decide to pay a company that will do it for you... but "c'est pas du jeu!"


  1. Nicholas,
    Glad you made it to Arco. I heard today that the road from Carey to (intersection of Hwy 20 to Hwy 75) is closed for road construction. Might want to ask before setting off on Hwy 20 from Carey. Thanks for the blog site. We'll keep traqck of you, be safe.

    Virg & Teri

  2. I'm wondering if you are getting a better photographer or if the landscape is more and more amazing.
    J'ai adoré le "be beer aware".
    NB : C'est sympa; tes potes "Roadies" qui te donnent des indications sur la route à suivre.

  3. Nicolas,

    We enjoy following you on your trip West. Employees and customers ask how you are doing. We wish you continued good health and a safe journey. Take care,

  4. ...and up to Mountain Home the road will likely be
    still lonely !
    Hoping you will not have to make a detour for there are very few roads !...

  5. Nicolas,

    Interesting that long desolate stretches of highway in the West are available for cleanup adoption. They do the same thing in NY. the Jackie Robinson hgway in Queens is always being "adopted".

    Stay safe,


  6. Te souviens tu que ces signes existaient sur l'autoroute que nous prenions entre Manhattan et Long island ? mais tu conduisais, et moi je déchiffrais les heureux contributeurs ;-)

  7. @Virg & Teri: from Carey, I went to Fairfield and I just got now to Mountain Home. I guess I managed to avoid them.

    @Ron: Thx! I'll check for your restaurant blog when you have it... ;-)

    @Freddy: It's always easier when the scenery is so great... I even stop in downhills to take pictures!


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