Wednesday, July 1

Most famous cowboy

Hey poor lonesome cowboy, I left your hometown this morning.

He was rather riding horses than bicycles. He was born here in Winterset, Iowa. The main street has been called after him, John Wayne, and you may even want to visit this tiny house where he was actually born.

Talking of celebrities: I rode very close to Dixon, Illinois where Ronald Reagan was born. A bike trail has been called after him. Whereas you can find plenty birth places of famous people around the US, did you notice that their death place almost always end up somewhere around Bel Air?

Talking of Bel Air, I heard that Mickael Jackson would have died. Did the news got thru to you despite the so many things taking place around the world?

More info:
* Winterset, Iowa

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  1. Oui, Michael est mort. Tu devais être juste à coté de sa ville natale, quand c'est arrivé... c'est louche !


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