Saturday, July 18

Be bear aware

Good opportunity for another day off: Grand Teton National Park is just south from the renown Yellowstone and offers a magnificent landscape of mountain range:

It also hosts plenty wild life other than the many tourists that visit it during the summer. Therefore the rangers teach you in handling this wild life, especially the bears at the campground. For instance, the brochure says poetically:

"A leaf fell in the woods,
The eagle saw it,
The deer heard it,
And the bear smelled it."

'Be bear aware' it says everywhere. On my campsite, I have a dedicated 'bear box'; a big iron box rooted to the ground in which I have to put away any smelly items like food, toiletries, water bottles, trash... To be on the safe side, I even included my dirty clothes.

With Sandy my neighbor in the hiker & biker section of the campground and two other bikers, we decided to be beer aware as well.


  1. Not too much beer for biking !

  2. Tu fais un concours de longueur de barbe avec ton voisin de gauche ?!

    Bon continuation.



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