Wednesday, July 8

Which way thru the Rockies?

As I am approaching Ogollala, Nebraska, I need to make sure that my road thru Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon is the right one. The guy of the Motel where I stayed last night in North Platte gave me a Road Atlas which is quite detailed.

The alternative is going thru Colorado, Utah and then Nevada, riding the so called "loneliest road" that runs all the way to Reno. It would be a good opportunity to pay a visit to Lake Tahoe. And it's also 400 km shorter that my other option.

Yet the north option is supposed to be less hilly as the mountains west of Fort Collins. And it would take me thru Teton National Park and a few other forests. It's probably not as hot and desert as Nevada, although a portion of Oregon between Ontario and Lakeview might be quite similar to north Nevada.

There I am in Ogollala where the roads split; one more hour to think of it as I also entered the Mountain Time zone today. My northern option thru Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon should be confirmed.


  1. And midway between Ontario and Lakeview there is a single small town called "Burns". It looks like a program !...
    Be careful , but anyway , Nevada would probably be worse !


  2. C'est l'heure du choix !!

  3. C'est le départ du tour de France qui te motives à pour allonger les étapes, 174km la journée du 7 juillet !

    Bonne continuation


  4. Northern route sounds better!



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