Thursday, July 30

Sunrise on the desert

The desert is quite chilly when you get going a little before 6:00 am. The sun just showed up above the horizon.

Silence is everywhere; real silence. I spot a coyote crossing the road a hundred yards / meters ahead of me.

There I am ready for an 85 mile / 137 km ride on Hwy 395 until Lakeview. I want o be there early enough in the afternoon to avoid the wind that picks up then; and still take the time to enjoy the unusual scenery:

On the left inside of the road, some cowboys have settled: few houses and facilities to handle their cattle at the end of a dirt road. The place is called Juniper.

Lake Abert is like an inland sea in the middle of this desert. Its northern part is drying in the sun whereas hundred of seagulls gather along the shore and cry. With the typical smell of drying mud, it feels like riding along the sea.


  1. I come everyday to know what happened during your day, where you are, watch the new pictures .. but I don't have always something new to say.
    I don't wanna repeat again and again, Oh nice! Beautiful!
    To be sure to visit u, i put your blog as homepage when I open Safari. ;-)
    Sara goes almost every day to visit Theo's page. It seems he is getting better.. Trop cool

    Bon week end Nico Pico


  2. A bit of "culture" in order to make you think while riding :
    "When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea."
    Eric Cantona (famous french intellectual)

  3. @Sylvain: Tu veux de la culture, en voilà! "Why seagulls fly over the sea and not over the bay? 'cause they would otherwise be called baygulls."


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