Thursday, July 2

Three bridges for a day

Everyone has his daily little concerns. For you it may be to meet the deadline of this memo that you have to hand out to your client. In my case, I was concerned this morning by works on bridges. It may sound somewhat odd and from another time.

From Griswold IA to Omaha NE, road 92 runs across number of rivers and of course the bridges need to be maintained from time to time. Yet in the country where car is king, a detour of 5 or 10 miles is not an issue.

I came across with signs "road closed" but carried on: before taking a detour, I want to give the shortest way a chance. It's the third time since I left NYC that I come across with works on bridges. Two days ago, I could not cross the remaining 30 meters which forced me to take a several mile detour.

Yet it went quite well today with the two bridges I had to cross as they had built a temporary facility in dirt. And I was quite happy not to ride the extra 10 miles!

Yet the most exciting bridge was definitely the third one, an elegant pedestrian bridge across the Missouri, which also signs the border between Iowa and Nebraska.

The nicest bridge I've come across so far allowed me to enter Omaha, Nebraska.

More info:
* Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge


  1. Give a Hello from my part to our old acquaintance Waren Buffet...

  2. Bonjour Tonton,
    bien reçu ta carte, merci, je vais bien cette semaine et nous pensons très fort à toi, bisous, bon courage et continue à pédaler, Théophile


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