Sunday, July 5

Bringing the world to Nebraska

Although Omaha is more known, Lincoln happens to be the capital city of Nebraska and also has a University campus within the downtown itself, which makes it very nice to ride thru. The sport teams such as football (Huskers) or volley ball, the Memorial Stadium are some sort of a spin off from the University.

Yet yesterday when I came back a little earlier from the show, I came across this program on TV (Oops I watched TV!) by the E.N Thompson Forum. A lady, Sarah Chayes, was giving a speech about her vision of Afghanistan. Living and Working in Kandahar since 2001, she presented her point of view of what she thinks would be needed; unconventional and argued vision (if you have an hour, it's really worth it).

Let's put it this way: although the city seems lively and pleasant to ride thru, I did not expect to find that interesting a program so far west in the plains of the mid-west (I mean, that we do not get on French TV...).

More info:
* Speech of Sarah Chayes at E.N Thompson Forum in March 4th '09
* E.N Thompson Forum

Biased comment: so a University is not just a place to go on strike and play revolutionaries. It can be also a forum where you learn, you exchange ideas and you think. Hum?

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