Monday, July 6

Incredible Kearney !

I borrowed the slogan to the Indian Ministry of Tourism. I usually don't write about the nice and spontaneous welcome I get in some places; for instance when I was offered campsite and diner as it happened in South Whitley, Indiana. Yet here is another example of incredible hospitality as I got today to Kearney, in the middle of Nebraska.

Anytime I come across with a bike shop, I check if they have the tire I am looking for: Hutchinson 26 x 1.2 Top Slick. Although they seem to be referred in US type of sizes, they are difficult to find (by the way, European sizes are easier to find for road bikes). So once again I check at Kearney Cycling. He does not have it. But as he sees that I am riding cross country, he calls right away a shop in Scottsbluffs, NE where I should be at the end of the week; and manages with the other shop to have it ordered. Nice!

Then I get to a coffee place to have a drink and check my emails. The place is definitely cool, a mix of Indian yoga, artistic gallery, bio products, and self-development activities. As I am about to pay, the lady behind me overhears my conversation with the waitress about my cross-country trip and decides to pay for me. Although I am somewhat embarrassed, there is nothing to do. Thx very much to her!

I need to find a campsite and pay a visit to the visitors bureau: the campground is out of town, south-east and I have a long day tomorrow rather north-west. The better alternative is to take a motel in town and ensure a good night sleep. As I have booked a room at the Midtown Western Inn they directed me to, the phone rings at the reception: Paty from the visitors bureau offers to pay for my room!

Last the owner of the motel pays me beer as I am finishing my diner at the restaurant just next to the motel.

Waoo! Incredible hospitality!

More info:
* Kearney Cycling & Fitness 2216 Central Ave Kearney, NE 68847
* Elements 2100 Central Ave Kearney, NE 68847
* Kearney visitors bureau


  1. Indeed , it's incredible . You would not find the same in France !
    Take advantage of it , for you will be disappointed when you come back...


  2. You're in the heartland, dude, where the heart reigns supreme and people look out for one another! Enjoy!



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