Sunday, July 5

To the French American friendship

As I was searching for a campground in York, Nebraska, I came across with Tom in a gas station. Gas stations are like a second home to me and to plenty Americans who take their breakfast there.

However, Tom is working for the town of York; he mows the grass. He is also interested by History.
- "Thanks for helping us out during the Revolutionary war" he tells me as I explain that I am coming from France.
- "Thanks for helping us out of the second world war" I replied somewhat thinking "it always feels good the beat the English...".
- "We have close to here towns named after French, like Lafayette, Marquette..."
- "Yes and I have even seen Napoleon. But we have avenues named after Americans like Kennedy, Roosevelt..."
- "You are the first French guy I meet you know... good to meet you!"

Tom gave me a souvenir ticket from a Husker's football match at the Memorial Stadium, big stuff in Nebraska!

- "And you are travelling with just that all across the country?!" he said pointing at my little trailer. "You are some kind of a hero!"
- "Oh no, just a little crazy."

This is my gift to him and to the friendship between American and French people.

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