Thursday, July 23

Oops!... I did it again

The light on Fairfield was soft as I left early this morning, quite confident that I will have my breakfast in Hill City, some 14 mi / 22 km ahead, on the way to Mountain Home.

Nevertheless when I got to Hill City, the 'city' seemed quite minimum. Oh sure, it must be hidden behind the hill, hence its name!

No one around, just cars from time to time heading fast on highway 20 in both directions. On the left side of the road, a lonely phone booth: Oh sure, they deliver!

Eventually I came across with an old man and another chap. I could at least refill my bottles. They confirmed that Hill City was just a bump in the road; although it had been bigger when he was young and breeding cattle was bigger. Fairfield which is left today with just one gas station had four at the time.

The next town was my today's destination, some 43 mi / 69 km ahead. After more than 6 weeks on the road and various experiments, I arrogantly assert that "riding is easier if you have well slept and properly eaten breakfast".

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* Oops!... I did again


  1. Conclusion : always keep with you a supply of food and beverage !
    I hope that you will get a good rest before your ride in Oregon , because between Ontario and Lakeview there are only few"bumps on the road"


  2. Wow, I haven't seen a phone booth like that for more than 20 years!


  3. I am not that innocent .....
    Oups ;-)


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