Friday, July 10

A welcome sight

As a migrant thru the country, on the Oregon and California trails, I had been told that I should expect this famous landmark in the American West: Chimney Rock.

Already in Broadwater, the keeper of the gas station gave me a Nebraska quarter with the Chimney Rock on it. It was on the other bank of the North Platte river, past Bridgeport.

As I got to Bridgeport, the lady from the visitors bureau instructed me on the Chimney Rock: it was not just a geological curiosity; but a landmark that migrants on the trails had been expecting to signal the end of the prairies as the trails became more steep and rugged heading west towards the Rockies. It also meant that they were one third thru their journey from Missouri towards California.

The clouds were low and dark this morning when I left Bridgeport. I even expected to get some rain. As I rode towards Scottsbluff, little by little, it appeared to me in the distance thru a fine mist.

More info:
* Chimney Rock in Nebraska (apparently there would be another one in North Carolina)

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  1. Indeed a spectacular landmark signaling the Rockies . Your ride will become harder and you will have to adapt your ryhtm...
    Bon courage


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