Sunday, July 26

'Born and raised on the Oregon trail'

The Oregon trail splits in multiple trails. One of the them is the so called "Goodale's cutoff" that I have been following these past days.

And there I am tonight in Oregon, at Vale, where the Oregon trail is almost a way of life.

Yet the destination of these emigrants was rather the north west of Oregon, in the area of Portland; which meant that they were not yet done. Nor I am. Here is the progress on the map:

For this weekly review, the bike and the biker seem to be doing well.


  1. Some rest before the crossing of the south east Oregon ? It will be a long and wild ride!...

  2. Hi,
    When I see the road already done, I am as impressed as I feel guilty I didn't support you more than this.
    One billion congrat's you can only be proud of what you've done so far.
    I also wonder if the EPO tests done during past 3 weeks here should be done overthere on some crasy tourists...
    I have a lot of to catch up.
    Your pictures look terrific. Take 5 mn to shave in some way you seem to look for a one-way ticket to Guantanamo-Park.
    From here, few stories about job search, more bad or sad, so no need to waste time just to mention them.
    However, on the MTB side, it is quite better. Past week-end was my 4th round trip from Clamart to the Alpes to practice : Les 2 Alpes (Mondial du VTT : guess what, there is a photo with me in the famous VTT magazine !), the Moutiers (3 Vallées Tout Terrain), Les Contamines (One week Easy Bike around the Mont-Blanc), Les Carroz (VTTticime). 45 km in the mountains with a special look at the Desert de Platé (see your email about this).
    Next week is the D-day with the departure to Megève with the bikes, the twins, the dog, the sister ! I'll start with another week in U.C.P.A. (Un Coup Par An...) pretending I'll do Enduro MTB for another week. Not so bad.
    Well, save me a ticket on the first raw the day you do a show to present your trip.
    In the meantime, tons of energy to get the job done. I am really impressed. Well done.
    Emmanuel & Dawgoo.


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