Sunday, July 19

Rodeo & jetset

Jackson WY was my target for this week: from what I was told by other bikers on my way, this town is some kind of a 'St Tropez' in the country of cowboys and rodeo. Stars and politicians fly into the airport just a few miles away. The national parks and outdoor activities make it attractive to many. The town is nice, well put, with plenty art galleries and outing opportunities; and quite touristy of course.

I end up this afternoon in Wilson, just a few miles further on the way to Idaho. Here it is on the map at the end of this 6th week:

On the biker side, it's been the toughest week since the beginning, especially with the stage from Riverton to Dubois that worn me out. The bike & trailer seem to be doing well.

More info:
* Jackson WY
* To attend a rodeo show in Jackson: apparently, it's on Wednesday and Saturday... I missed it.


  1. I hope you had a good rest in Grand Teton , after this hard week.
    Jackson must have been a great change after your ride from Casper to Riverton and Dubois!Somewhat busier !
    But I guess you will have some more wild rides...


  2. Belle perf pour les 6 semaines.



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