Tuesday, July 7

Here starts the west

Historically, the 100th meridian separates the east side of the country where no irrigation is needed from the west side where it is needed. I have seen irrigation before I cross the meridian though.

Cozad is a small town right on the meridian and I went thru it today. Is it a coincidence? I have to admit still that in the 10 or 20 miles that followed I noticed some changes in the scenery, with less corn fields and already some prairies and few hills in the distance.

No surprise then that I get to North Platte in the evening, the home town of Buffalo Bill. I gave a try to stay at the camping next to his ranch; yet no shower, no running water. I am not yet that of a cowboy!

More info:
* 100th meridian
* Buffalo Bill

* When I reached North Platter, I had breached my 3,000 km ridden since I left NYC; and ridden my longest ride as well: 174 km.

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  1. According to the pictures , it is the true "Far-West". Very nice cattle ! And the "towns" look like what we see in cowboys film...

    174 km a day with your load is a nice ride, but now you will soon enter the rockies and your daily rides should be shorter ...



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