Monday, July 20

My little 'mont Ventoux'

This Saturday, the Tour de France 20th stage will end up on the top of the 'Mont Ventoux'. I therefore had my little 'mont Ventoux' this morning, as I took the Teton pass out of Wilson. It is 9 km long with a 6 km section of a 10% grade. Right, it does not compete with the real one! ;-)

But here in Jackson Hole, it is some kind of a little legend as many people warned me against the steepness of the slope. They even have a climb race and it's this Saturday, the day after (corrected) the Tour de France will reach the 'mont Ventoux'.

From what I was told, the best one make it in less than 30 minutes. I made it in 1h and 20 minutes... but got there before BOB... you know, BOB... my trailer!

Detailed notes:
* As I did not find that many information on this ride, I consolidate here some of my experience.

* To get to the Teton pass, there are actually two roads available, the old one closed to cars and the regular one. I therefore took the old one. The ride through the old road leads you in the middle of nature; birds are singing; the view on Jackson Hole gets better and better as you go up... you just need to spin a bit.
* The valley floor elevation is 6,234 ft / 1,900 m. Wyoming highway 22 gets you from Jackson to Wilson and then to the Teton pass (8,431 ft / 2,570 m).
* The Teton pass is 5.6 mi / 9 km away from Wilson village by the old road. The steep part is 3.7 mi / 6 km long.
* From Wilson, you can find the old road by riding the Wyo highway 22 for a little less than a mile (1,500 m) (there's even a bike path on the left side of the road). On the left, you then find a road leading to the 'Trail creek trailhead' (elevation: 6,480 ft / 1,975 m).
* Again for a little less than a mile (1,500 m), you get to a parking; in the back of the parking, there's a gate: once you pass it, you are on the old road and it gets a lot more steeper.

* As you go up, after 1.2 mi / 2 km, the steepness gets softer for a little rest. On the contrary, 0.6 mi / 1 km further, it gets tougher for few hundred yards / meters.
* Eventually the road gets to another gate and a few hundred yards / meters further, the old road joins with the new road and you get to the Teton pass.

* Generally speaking the quality of the asphalt is good for road bikes. I only experienced some gravel on the paved road after the second gate.

* Going down towards Idaho, there's only one way: the new road. It is pretty steep for about 2 miles / 3 km. I stopped several times to let my wheel cool down.


  1. Bravo for your little Mont Ventoux: 10% grade with a trailer must be hard ! And climbing down should not be so easy !
    And you forgot talking of the following 100 km to get to Idaho Falls . Fortunatly we have the pictures !

  2. Bravo Again! What a journey you are having.


  3. C'est super beau... je suis admiratif.
    You'll have many pictures to put in your Flyckrs portfolio

  4. donc il s'appelle BOB ?


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