Thursday, July 9

'I believe I can fly'

East wind is great! As great as I cursed west wind few days ago in Iowa.

This afternoon, I extended my ride initially intended to Broadwater till Brideport. I was riding fast with a nice little east wind, sometime slowing down to 30 km/h ;-)

And the scenery was just gorgeous! There were these hills in the distance on the right...

and the prairie on the left side of the road, where the North Platter river flows.

Note: so I was in a good mood to also breach 2,000 mi since I left ;-)

More info:
* I believe I can fly by R Kelly

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  1. Of course , it is better to have east wind but be careful not to ride too fast with your load !
    So , I understand that you have chosen the north itinerary through Wyoming and Idaho: is it right?
    Or you only want to get your new tires in Scottsbluff?
    Anyway , I guess that very soon you will see the first hills of the Rockies !...


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