Sunday, July 5

On the California trail

Past Omaha, I came across with this sign that reminds us that gold-seekers migrated along part of the path that I am taking. The greatest migration in American history started at various points along the Missouri river, and among them, Omaha.

So this confirms that, if I am not yet there, I should be heading in the right direction:

My estimate despite a slight change of methodology ;-) tells me that I should be 42% thru (all details day by day).

On the bike side, I was quite happy to find a spare tire in Lincoln that could well help me in case I get rough roads like gravels.

On the biker side, I need to manage more and more the trip in the long time: I had a painful muscle strain in my left calf on Wednesday that I managed by pedaling slower, with the tip of my foot pointing towards the ground. I believe that was partly the result of a bad night at a noisy campground next to Interstate 80; partly some enthusiasm as I rode a bike trail out of Des Moines.

More info:
* The legend of the California trail

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