Thursday, July 9

Most unlikely?

Does getting two flat tires at the same time gives you good luck?

Anyhow when I started this morning from a campsite on the northern side of Lake Mc Conaughy (just north from Ogallala), a quite strong wind was blowing from the north, occasionally slightly against me.

After changing two tubes and one tire, I got to a small town, Lewellen, looking for a breakfast place. A lady tells me that I can go back to the gas station at the entrance of the town, "or there is this place just here that provides coffee and rolls". That will do it!

I don't know exactly when I arrived and how much time I spent there. It's an old barn, initially built to be a speechless movie theater, some one hundred years ago. It has been used for almost everything since, even a greasy body shop. Today, it combines an art gallery, a coffee place (with wifi!) where you can also have lunch. It's peaceful and as the place has been opened for just 5 weeks, mostly local people come here.

"It has something of a bike trip" told me Cindy, the lady that owns it with her brother Dennis. "I want it to be a slow place"... something of Nicolas Bouvier I presume.

More info:
* The Most Unlikely Place, 205 Main Street Lewellen, Nebraska 69147

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  1. Once I had the chance(?) to get two flat tires at the same time (while riding in a hole besides the road) . I always have two spare tubes , but this day I shortened my training trip, and did not have the chance to discover a"Most Unlikely Place". Indeed I was close to Rambouillet!



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