Sunday, July 12

A step into the Frontier

Do you remember in "Dances with Wolfes" this dialog between Kevin Costner and his superior?

Major Fambrough: You wish to see the frontier?
Lieutenant Dunbar: Yes sir, before it's gone.

As I got yesterday to Wyoming, I spotted the apparition of the 'Frontier'; not so much "the zone of land beyond the region of existing European occupation" as it does not exist anymore, rather what is left of the myth: a supermarket?

Anyhow it felt good entering the Great West this week and ride thru these new hilly and rocky landscapes that look somewhat like a movie.

Here we are now on the map, more than halfway thru now:

On the bike side, 8 flat tires this week... I'm getting pretty good at changing a tube in the sun on the side of the road. I try to avoid riding in the grass or rough shoulders. I also found the spare tires I was looking for at Sonny's in Scottsbluff; and took advantage to buy 2 extra tubes and three repair kits. Be on the safe side!

More info:
* The Frontier

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  1. Huit crevaisons dans la semaine , c'est pas mal !
    Je suppose que les pneus en mauvais état (cf photos) y étaient pour quelque chose , et qu'avec tes nouveaux pneus , cela ira mieux! Mais vérifie aussi les fonds de jante : ils s'usent et peuvent devenir "agressifs" , d'où cause de crevaisons...
    Bonne route dans la "Frontier"


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